Children of Christopher Jones – Part I

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The genealogy of Christopher Jones tends to be largely put to one side – as he did not stay in America, his lineage does not count for those looking to prove their Mayflower ancestry. However, he played an important enough role that many will wish to be a descendant of the master of the Mayflower, therefore an important first step is to determine how many children he had, and what happened to them.

This part will just give the basic details, while part two will fully explore the fate of Jones’ children.


Jones had one known child with his first wife Sara Twitt.

1) Thomas – Baptised 1 December 1595, and buried 17 April 1596, both at Harwich. Therefore there are no descendants through Sara.

Jones had nine known children with his second wife Josian Gray (née Thompson).

2) Christopher – Baptised 14 October 1604,  at Harwich, and buried 24 February 1614, at Rotherhithe.

3) Thomas (2) – Baptised 4 October 1607, at Harwich, and died before May 1617 (no known burial record).

4) Josian – Baptised 12 November 1609, and buried xx May 1633, both at Harwich. She died unmarried, so without issue.

At this point, only the baptisms of Jones’ children can be determined for certain; aside from one marriage, it is difficult to track them due to having such a common surname.

5) Roger – Baptised 15 December 1611, at Rotherhithe.

6) Christopher (2) – Baptised 13 March 1614, at Rotherhithe.

7) Joan – Baptised 26 December 1615, at Rotherhithe.

8) Thomas (3) – Baptised 4 May 1617, at Rotherhithe (hence why we know Thomas (2) died).

9) Grace – Baptised 28 February 1619, at Rotherhithe. Married Nicholas Dawling of Woodbridge & Harwich, at Harwich, 6 October 1639.

10) John – Baptised 4 March 1621, at Harwich.


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